VinTel Module

VinTel Module

From: $205.00 / month and a $324.00 Setup Fee and Module Cost (one time)

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As an Auto Recycler I benefit from using VinTel because of the following reasons:

  • I have an independent, data driven report that is produced to show the buyer that the engine and transmission I am selling has passed all the tests and the part is VinTel Tested
  • I can remove the human error when testing engines and transmissions and use the data to determine the quality of the drivetrain
  • I have a 3rd party report to use if a customer says that upon fitting the component there is an issue with it and therefore save time, effort and money dealing with unnecessary warranty claims
  • I can market a different level of quality guarantee, or possibly extend warranties through the part being VinTel Tested. By having the part VinTel Tested,I can convert more calls into sales and grow profits
  • I can provide a copy of the VinTel Tested report onto all of my product listings from that vehicle, building trust with the buyer and differentiating my products from the competition
  • I can send a VinTel device out with every engine/transmission sold (include the cost in the price of the part). The installer or end user can then use the VinTel device once finished fitting the item to ensure their workmanship is up to standard and once they produce a VinTel Tested report
  • Promote a “no questions” asked warranty program that is triggered once the fitted component is scanned and the VinTel Tested report shows everything is in order

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