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Elite Recycler Technologies was built with technology in mind for the automotive recycler industry to improve profits. We have spent countless hours in the automotive recycler industry trying to find a way to improve sales, cut down on customer returns and warranty claims. We want to give end users the security they need when deciding to extend the life of their vehicles. Our services and products are technology driven by and for the recycling industry, used daily by our team. As we continue to grow, we will offer these services and products to our portfolio of offerings. Our goal is to share our knowledge to help you resolve some of the same obstacles we have experienced.

See Why You Need a VinTel® Device

Sell More Parts with VinTel®

VinTel® is a diagnostics tool that enables auto recyclers to instantly test the health of engines and transmissions.

The small, easy to use, OBD scanner provides an integrated, standardized, diagnostic report and identifies any mechanical challenges through discovering DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

  • Takes less than one minute to run the report – no key necessary – so easy to apply to your existing inventory process
  • Remove the risk of human error from the drivetrain testing process with VinTel® technology to ensure engine & transmission health
  • Reduce your return rate with reliable VinTel® reporting on your drivetrain
  • Get a competitive edge and market your parts as quality tested with your independent VinTel® report with every scan

Whoever your customers are – they will love the easy to read, non-technical, and independent report they receive when they purchase a part from you.

Build trust and sell more parts with VinTel®. 


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ERT is connected with industry leading companies in the automotive recycling industry

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