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Elite Recycler Technologies was built with technology in mind for the automotive recycler industry to improve profits. We have spent countless hours in the automotive recycler industry trying to find a way to improve sales, cut down on customer returns and warranty claims. We want to give end users the security they need when deciding to extend the life of their vehicles. Our services and products are technology driven by and for the recycling industry, used daily by our team. As we continue to grow we will offer these services and products to our portfolio of offerings. Our goal is to share our knowledge to help you resolve some of the same obstacles we have experienced.

See Why You Need a VinTel Device

The VinTel® ecosystem brings an integrated, standardized, diagnostic solution for real time critical vehicle health through diagnostics, emission readiness, and reset information throughout the automotive industry.  The VinTel® system not only identifies the mechanical challenges through discovering DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), but it also identifies the impact of these challenges by balancing these against OEM part/assembly cost and book labor hours.  The equivocation of mechanical challenge to vehicle value impact adds clarity during buying vehicles for recycling purposes.  All of this information is presented in an easy to understand, non-technical report format to help clarify the effects mechanical challenges weigh on the exit strategy of the vehicle. The VinTel testing of a vehicles health also will allow your customer of drive-train parts the confidence they need when deciding to extend the life of their vehicle. Once you have the report of the vehicles health you can add that report to the product listing on your website. You may also ship the VinTel unit with the drive-train item so that once the engine or transmission is installed the mechanic or owner can run another VinTel scan confirming the part was installed properly. This will cut down on warranty issues, customer service issues, and help grow your profits.

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